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Association for the disclosure of Piero Nincheri's works

This Association was born on Juanary , 23rd 2002 among painter's heirs and some friends and colleagues of him. The Association ratify their society born to develop the material and cultural inheritance of the painter. Association's intentions are described into the statute:

"to preserve the painter Piero Nincheri's works, to deepen the study of his works and of his cultural inheritance, divulge his artistic message and to promote the circulation of his works organizing works gallery and publication of texts and images"

Immediate objectives
Next May, 10th 2002 one of Piero Nincheri's works gallery will be inaugurate, at Marini's Museum in Florence ex S. Pancrazio's church,. During these days May, 12th 2002 in Sesto Fiorentino two works galleries will open, in the exhibition rooms of S. Martino parish church or into Villa S. Lorenzo, will be shown the sketches and cartoons that the painter has produced in the field of artistic stained glass windows; and in the gallery of La Soffitta di Colonnata, his drawings will be shown. Together with these initiatives the monograph catalogue realized by Marco Ariani, Gianni Pozzi and Pier Luigi Tazzi will be published.
(Association's discloser activity)

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